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How to Choose the Right Curtains for Your Living Room

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While picking drapes for your living room, there is an idea procedure that is vital prior to you moving towards the market. Keeping these essentials in mind will ensure you get a fantastic looking living room without having to spend the earth.

Basic Color Scheme

Keep the standard color pattern of your living room in mind prior to everything else.

Do you have sober colors or bright ones?

Does your living room have tones of a single color household, or do you prefer contrasts in each item that you place?

In the case of a single household of colors, it would be prudent that your window drapes also show the same requirement. Accordingly, you might opt for a different shade of green, blue or whatever the color that you have used in the remainder of the décor.

Contrasting colors are a various ball video game. Remember that contrasting colors look best in a case of bigger rooms as they have the tendency to make the room look smaller size than it actually is.

Choosing mixes like white and black, green and yellow, off white and gray, and so on will give an extremely various and lively life to your room settings.


Fabric available for window decor in case of living rooms can be found in an extremely big range of tapestries, colors, and prints. You can be well excused for getting confused when it comes to selecting the ideal material for your living-room drapes.

Naturally, there is a huge cost variation too, depending upon where in the spectrum your choice lies.

In general, your drapes fabric ought to match that of the other upholstery in the room . You can choose abundant fabrics such as velvet and silk, or mix materials that are abundant as well as stylish.

In case you desire more staid environments, cotton fabrics for window drapes and curtains been available in a big range of design and colors.

My individual favorite is the middle of the road option provided by silk sari curtains. These are silk curtains that were basically created as Saris, the conventional 6 backyard gown of Indian females. These generally woven have been beautifully modified to suit as outstanding silk curtains and drapes. They provide the finest of both worlds – the sophistication and the richness of silk at rates that are no place near the luxury cost of silk upholstery.


As a guideline of the thumb, your curtains must complement your furniture. In the case of plain furnishings, you might go for printed curtains. The size of the print can be large in case you want to make a bold style declaration. You can even choose vibrant colored, contrast prints such as those of flowers etc to illuminate the room.

If subtle sophistication is your design, then choose smaller sized prints that mesh with the material. By small, simply a few inches in size on the exterior. You could even go for styles that are woven into the cloth as compared with basic printing, as these have a longer life.

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