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Red Curtains That Add Excitement to Your Living Room

Red Curtains

The conventional technique to decorating usually determines that each component of a whole-room style should collaborate with all the others. Your window treatments must show not just the design of the other furnishings, however, the color plan as well. For example, if you choose to include some enjoyment to your room by selecting red curtains, the traditional method urges that they need to “get” on other similar colors in the room.

A more non-traditional technique, on the other hand, is a much freer creative procedure. Frequently you can pick a variety of colors and designs that compliment each other in a non-traditional and sometimes better gratifying method. Distinct or uncommon color mixes, patterns or accents can typically provide a higher sensation of success to a room’s decor than sticking with someone else’s developed rules.

Be Creative

Window treatments are a crucial element that amateur designers often treat as an afterthought. Nevertheless, when you think about going into a room, where do you look initially? Undoubtedly, windows draw your eye with their promise of light, space, and interest. Therefore, use your window’s drawing power for the very best decorative impact. By selecting a color that is likewise a powerful attention-getter, you can double your decorative pizazz. For example, vibrant, red window curtains can have the result of gathering your coffee-toned walls and drawing out the vibrant blues in your oriental rug.

The Choices

If you want to be genuinely adventurous, try picking a drape fabric that will supply an intriguing contrast to your furnishings, instead of mixing into the same color household. Combining plain wood home furnishings, such as Shaker or Mission style seating, with voluptuous red damask curtains or velvet drapes can produce a feel and look that bring a stimulate of originality to a room.

To give a monochromatic room a dynamic jump-start, attempt installing a bright floral pattern or scarlet and cream striped Roman shades. Or if the color of your upholstery currently matches the dominant wall color of the room, try for contrast with an added accent color, such as black and red window coverings.

Be amusing with your designing by finding a design and material for your draperies that surprise and wow individuals with their result. Red gingham curtains are natural in the cooking area, however, when you use them in your house workplace, they provide a comfortable, relaxing tone to an otherwise stark space that is conducive to obtaining work done.

The Embellishments

The color and material are just the starts when you decorating your windows. Hardware, tie backs, swags, valances and other embellishments can be the complements that make the whole room a success.

Keep in mind the damask drapes in the Mission-style room? Using a wood rod and basic wood tiebacks, you can discreetly link the two designs for a unified impact. Pick your embellishments with the objective of improving your imaginative decor. Don’t be scared to attempt something non-traditional, such as doorknob finials or horseshoe tie-backs.

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