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Window Treatments and Modern Curtains for Your Living Room

Modern Curtains

Including drapes and curtains to your window can add a lot of character, not only to the window, however for the whole room. You can alter the appearance of the living room by just altering the curtains and its styling. It is a lot cheaper to alter the window treatment than to re-decorate the entire room.

Here are 5 ideas that you can use to accomplish a contemporary search for your room.

Usage decorative curtain rods

If you will not use valances or cornices, the hardware of the curtain will be exposed. If you utilize ornamental curtain rods, then exposing the hardware is actually part of the design, and will add to the sophistication of the curtain.

In addition to the curtain rod, you can further boost the look if you utilize ornamental rings to connect the curtain. Copper or Bronze plated rings can include pizzazz to your treatment. Another concept that you can use, if you won’t use rings for your curtains, is to utilize flip-toppers. Flip-toppers is typically comprised of a material which is then utilized to affix the curtain to the rod. You can utilize a different fabric product for flip-toppers if you wish to include some contrast to the treatment.

Reevaluate the Floor length

If you wish to room to look more stylish and formal, consider putting a curtain that falls or even pools to the flooring. Floor length curtains communicate rule and sophistication whereas curtains that fall a bit short of the fall has a more casual appearance.

If you wish to accomplish a truly official appearance, consider hanging the curtain beginning from the ceiling height then let it fall all the way to the flooring. This makes the window take a look at a lot taller than it actually is.

Use tie-backs with lace

Tie-back curtain treatments have a lot of designs to pick from, varying from the whimsical to the casual. You will require a minimum of 2 curtain rods to achieve this treatment. You will also need the lace panels of the curtain to be 2 to 3 times the real width of the window in order to attain the tie-back lace style.

Tie-back lacing works well with curtains the drapes all the way to the floor, in order to complete the elegant appearance.

Curtain the curtain material

Utilizing a draped material is a basic, yet stylish way to attain an advanced try to find your window. This treatment works best with an ornamental rod. You can utilize raw fabric for this treatment but make certain that it is made from the attractive material. You will require purchasing material that will cover at least 3 times the actual window size.

The basic idea for draping your curtain is really produced swags around the curtain rod, you can include pleats to the curtain so that it has a pinched look in between the boodles.

Use printed curtains

The most basic and the most affordable of all the treatment concepts is to just get printed curtains. This works excellently for a young lady’s room. You can discover lots of patterns that are themed, for example, fairy-themed material or underwater-themed fabric. When she has tired of the theme, you can just purchase a brand-new fabric, and voila, instantaneous modification of look.

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